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February 3rd, 2014
Ryan Didde
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After reflecting on MK 5:1-20, I have come to a few different ideas. One of the major things I would like to speak about is near the end of the passage. After Jesus caused the unclean spirits to enter the swine, and they went into the sea, people begged Jesus to leave. They thought that Jesus had caused all of the swine to die for no reason, and he probably seemed like an evil man or freak of nature to them. The thing I would like to stress very much is the truth that Jesus was misunderstood. He did great things, but he was misunderstood which is why people wanted him to leave. I think that this is an important point because I believe that there are many great people that we encounter every single day that are misunderstood. This could be anyone from the guy sitting alone at a restaurant to the old man who always seems to be in a bad mood. Now why am I bringing this up? It is so important to remember that we have no idea what some people are going through, or who they actually are deep down. We have no right to judge others for what type of person we think they are. No, the only thing we are called to do in those situations is to love others for who they are, and to help them to get closer to the Lord. If we have the love of the Holy Spirit burning in our hearts, we can be that person for someone who helps them get through tough times or grow in faith. So whenever we see someone who seems to be alone or struggling, let us offer them the love that Christ offers us every day.
God Bless

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