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February 20th, 2014
Claudia Brock
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In today’s readings there is clearly an emphasis on the humanity of Jesus and His love of the vulnerable and poor. The calling to not show partiality to those who are wealthy is a challenging one for us. Wealth commands attention and respect in a society that clamors after the latest model and an abundance of material items. This weekend I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen and spent the greater part of the day complaining about it. It was only after reading these verses that I realized I should be grateful that the biggest trial in my life is a cracked iPhone. It is not wrong to own possessions but when the things in your life begin to consume your life more than your relationship with God should you step back and reevaluate. It is not clothing, money, or crack-free iPhones that lead to a fulfilled life- it is a close relationship with God. Jesus is clear in the Gospel about his identity as Messiah and it is our turn to take up the cross to become “poor in the world but rich in spirit” so that our hearts may be softened to the beautiful message God is trying to relay to us.

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