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February 21st, 2014
Emily Peterson
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In this week’s reading, we hear a call to action – specifically, that we must embody our faith through good works. Without good works, we cannot demonstrate our faith or share it with others, and faith without works is like “a body without a spirit.” This is an interesting metaphor, because it parallels the spirit of the body with the works of faith – it claims that the spirit, the essential part of the faith/works relationship, is the actions we perform. It is our words, actions, and how we treat others that is the animating, life-giving part of our spirituality. Often, it is easy to neglect this aspect of our spirituality, and that is understandable, because actions and tangible works are often much more difficult, time-consuming, and involved than faith and belief. However, we hear this week that these types of experiences are challenging, necessary, and rewarding, and we are called to challenge ourselves to action and embody our beliefs.

In the Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples and followers to “take up his cross and follow me.” Like the first reading, this is a specific call to action. However, rather than being an order, it is a choice. Jesus is not commanding us to take more difficult path, or threatening us with punishment if we do not choose this way, but rather, showing us the options and benefits of taking action and embodying our faith: “whoever loses his life for my sake and that of the Gospel will save it.”

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