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Reflections on the Daily Readings
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February 28th, 2014
John McCoy
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One verse of the readings today sum up the theme of the day: “Behold, the Judge is standing before the gates.” Far too often, especially as college students, we place judgment on others and let these judgments guide our actions towards our peers. It can be easy for me, as a young person in his twenties, to be focused solely on the human world and let it slip my mind that God is bigger than me and the opinions I have of others. Final judgment of our earthly lives and decisions rests not here in this life, but in the life to follow.

This challenge for us to remember to not let our judgments of others set the course of our lives ties well with a line later in the first reading: “the Lord is compassionate and merciful.” The Lord is the end all be all of judgment, but he is so loving, understanding, compassionate, and merciful that when we inevitably fail and fall short of his hopes and expectations for us he meets us with love and forgiveness if we ask for it.

I, and I think most of us, can get so engrossed in our daily lives that we can forget how much praise He deserves. Readings like today’s remind me of my need to take time throughout the day and say a quick word of thanks and ask for His help so I can keep working to be as close to His image of me as possible.

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