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March 9th, 2014
Michael Holdsworth
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                Control has always been one area of my life I have struggled greatly with. As hard as I try not to micromanage every little detail, it’s so easy to be frustrated when things outside my control don’t go the way I had planned. I worry and stress over things that are usually pretty trivial, and like to have a firm grip over my personal affairs.

                Odds are, there are probably times in your life where that mentality is overwhelmingly accurate. That’s what makes Jesus’ words in Luke so astounding. Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. How often do we try to save ourselves, put ourselves in the situation of control or be uncomfortable when we aren’t in control? But often, control is sort of like telling Jesus in a roundabout way we don’t need His guidance, direction, or grace. That isn’t what is best in our lives, or what Jesus desires.

                There is nothing in life more important than our relationship with Jesus Christ, and the salvation that comes through Him. Nothing. Jesus ultimately wants what is best for our lives, and sometimes that takes a sacrifice like taking up a cross daily to follow to find out what that exactly is. No matter what we do in life, it won’t matter if we lose our soul in the process. If we try to control our destiny by ourselves, putting our life in the direction we think it should go and neglect God’s direction, we probably won’t be happy with the results.

                God doesn’t give rules and regulations to stifle us and make life a list of do’s and don’ts, but in order to give us prosperity in the sense of the ultimate joy and happiness. A lifestyle dedicated to Jesus Christ should be noticeably different, and in order to do this it is necessary to make sacrifices daily, to not conform to the pattern of the world but to ultimately seek joy and salvation by losing control of our lives and putting it directly into the hands of Jesus. Even though this process isn’t easy, it is the only one that will end in satisfaction.

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