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March 12th, 2014
Katelyn Mullen
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     As we enter into Lent, we enter into a journey. Just as Jonah journeyed through Nineveh, we must journey into our own hearts and minds, and open them to all of the gifts that God provides us. For most of us, we give up something during this season to remind ourselves of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. While this practice does serve as a great reminder of the Lord’s sacrifices, we must remember that the one thing we give up, chocolate, Facebook, gossiping, etc., is not all that is important; we need to turn away from all the “evils” in our lives in order to really hear and appreciate God’s message.

     This same idea is echoed in Luke 11:29-32, in which Jesus criticizes His generation for desiring a sign from God. In today’s day and age, it seems as though we have to really see it to believe it. It has to be printed in the news, searchable on Google, or “Facebook official” in order for it to be true. What does this say about what our generation needs from God in order to believe? What would Jesus say about the fate of this generation? Most of us want the latest and greatest thing out on the market, because it is always the better thing. With this mindset, it is easy to lose sight of what truly is the best-God’s love that He bestows on us, which (fortunately) does not cost as much as the newest iPhone.

     As we journey into the Lenten season, we must let go of our more selfish, “evil” desires. We must act in ways that show God that we do have faith in His message, and will turn away from sin in order to bring ourselves closer to Him.

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