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October 4th, 2013
Laura Kyriss
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Happy Fall, everyone!  When I first read today’s Gospel reading, I was kind of shocked to hear how sternly and clearly Jesus speaks.  I feel like usually, he is much more gentle and subtle with his words.  I think this is a good reminder that he is still human.  He still got angry and frustrated, and just wanted to tell it like it is.  I think that this is a fantastic representation because it shows to all of us how important this was.  This was not a gray area that Jesus was talking about.  He felt strongly enough to get emotional when he was talking about it.  He didn’t sugarcoat it.  To me, it is easy to sometimes hide what you really feel in order to avoid offending someone or to be politically correct.

I think that as Christians, we are called to speak up.  We are called to be uncomfortable but say the hard things anyway.  I think it’s okay to be emotional.  Overall, I think that this reading is a great reminder of how we are supposed to live.  I am going to challenge myself to try to really speak up and stand up for issues that I feel strongly for, and try to follow this example that we get from the Gospel today.

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