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October 9th, 2013
Adam Lomas

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Today’s gospel reading is one that we all know quite well and it is one that has had a lasting impact on the Christian tradition in quite an obvious way.  Although we have all heard and recited the Our Father countless times, today’s Gospel reading gives us the chance to take a moment to truly understand and value the words we have grown used to speaking so easily.  What strikes me as particularly noteworthy every time that I read this gospel passage is the intimacy with which it is both spoken and taught by Jesus.  The reading begins with Jesus’ closest friends asking him how to pray, which in itself is something worth reflecting on.  Jesus did not begin lecturing without provocation; he waited for his friends to ask for guidance and then he told them how he prays to God.

            In reading the passage, we are reminded of the importance placed on the referring to God as Father.  The description of God as father must be understood first and foremost as a relational description, which was never meant to prescribe gender to God.  This becomes important due to the fact that it reveals much about Jesus’ intention when using the word “Father” in prayer. When we are able to look upon Jesus’ intentional use of “Father” in a relational way, we can then move further in our prayer life by focusing on our personal and communal relationship with God, instead of simply viewing God as an entity needing to be revered. 

Ultimately, I think that today’s gospel provides us all with a unique opportunity to truly reflect on our relationship with God, understanding that Jesus called all Christians to look upon God in an intimate and personal way.  Intimacy brings forth trust, and trust results in understanding. With this in mind, perhaps in acknowledging and working on our relationship with God, we can simultaneously take steps toward understanding and trusting in each other as brothers and sisters living as one community and united by one Father.

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