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October 14th, 2013
Kelly Sullivan
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What conviction Paul must have had in his vision. Although he didn’t see Jesus alive, he is an apostle and a “slave of Christ Jesus” because of his faith that Jesus truly spoke to him.

“Through him we have received the grace of apostleship.” We, like Paul, have never seenJesus in person, but are called to believe and “bring about the obedience of faith.” I think this line is really applicable in our individualistic society. There is a fine line between critical thinking to better understand and believe your faith, and picking and choosing what to follow to “make your faith your own.” Trust and obedience are part of the faith that brings us together as one body of Christ.

I think the hard part, at least for me, is that have in my mind that if I just saw something or could feel God’s presence a little more definitively, I would have more trust. I suppose I’m “seeking a sign” as it says in the Gospel. I don’t know exactly what I’m expecting. I try to see God’s presence in nature, in the kindness of others, through prayer. But with this lofty idea in my head, it’s not enough. I want a “real” sign to base my faith upon, but as Luke says, Jesus is the sign.

We will not all receive a vision like Paul, but we are called to believe and recognize Jesus as our sign. It’s much easier to be obedient when you’re not expecting something unknown that will fit your idea of faith. Jesus was the sign that came to solidify our faith in God and we are called to belong to him.

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