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October 15th, 2013
Kevin Ryan
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“Brothers and sisters: I am not ashamed of the Gospel.”

Brothers and sisters, I will be the first to admit, at times I am ashamed of the Gospel.  I am afraid to stand up for what I believe, what I know to be undoubtedly the Truth.  I don’t think I am the only one to have this fear.  The atmosphere of “political correctness,” “tolerance,” and moral relativism that has infected this country has cowed Christians into a corner, making us so fearful to speak out against the wrongs we see that we begin to doubt our own convictions to Christ and the Truth. 

But ask yourselves this question: If something is not true, is it worth believing?  The answer is obviously no.  Why would be believe something that we know is false?  So for us to rationally believe the Gospel, it has to be true.  Not just true for us who believe, but true for all people whether they believe or not. 

For the Gospel to be true, it logically follows that all those with opposing beliefs are simply wrong, partially or completely.  Either Jesus is God who came to earth as man, died for our salvation, rose from the dead, the Gospel is true, and there is a definitive Right and Wrong, or Jesus was just a guy who talked a lot of nonsense, the Gospel is a cool story but nothing more, and Right and Wrong are whatever society says they are.  It can’t be both true and false based on what one believes.  Belief in something does not make it true.  Truth can either validate or invalidate belief.

So if people with opposing beliefs to the Gospel are wrong and as St. Paul states, “It (the Gospel) is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes,” then this reading is a call for us today to stand up for the Truth.  Stand up for Christ using the power of the Gospel.  Stand up against the wrongs of this world.  We all have ways we are called to do this in our own lives and in our own unique way with the gifts we have been given.  But however we are called, right now is the time to take courage, to be bold, and to stop being ashamed of the Gospel.  We must be willing to tell others that they are wrong and to bring them to the Truth through words and deeds for their own salvation.  We are Christians, soldiers of Christ, and it is time to act as witnesses, not as bystanders.

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