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October 17th, 2013
Laura Kent
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“You have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves did not enter and you stopped those trying to enter.”

Luke 11:52
I am a nursing student and here at Creighton University we do clinical rotations to get experience in different fields of nursing. When I did my community rotation I was at a facility that worked with adolescents who had drug and alcohol problems and needed help turning their lives around and becoming sober. Throughout my time here I found that many of the teens addictions began when they were young and innocent children. In our society today the media is telling young kids what they should be valuing in their lives. Telling them what will make them cool, what will make they fit in, what will take their pain away.

Everything that the media tells them are lies. I struggled to find one specific thing to pin point where the problem was coming from so that I could find a solution and prevent anymore teenagers from dealing with the burden of addictions. I realized that this issue is so large and that there is not one thing that we can do to stop this problem completely. However, I believe that society as a whole is a large factor that feeds into the problem. Society has become too open about sex and drugs and other inappropriate material that young children should not being seeing on television and the internet. It has become impossible to shelter a young child’s innocence. There can be no talk of God or religion anymore even though this is what society should be teaching the children. They are taking away the true knowledge that they are wonderful and loved and forgiven and enough.

Instead they are told that they aren’t good enough and that life is a constant battle where they should only be looking out for themselves and pleasing others by putting themselves down. Every time I turn on the television or go on the internet where I see people glorifying sex outside of marriage or promoting drugs and alcohol use I think of how sad God must be. He is looking down at us and watching us feed lies to those who are looking for truth, hope and answers. Unfortunately, when I look around and see a group of students who have been taught about the Bible and the teachings of Jesus there are people who look at them and say they are old fashioned and uptight. These people who know about God are the ones with the real knowledge who know to not listen to the lies of society and the media. The media, society, some celebrities, some individuals who have a public voice are keeping the true knowledge away from the kids who are trying to fit in, trying to figure out who they are, trying to figure out what to believe. I hope that we all take a second today and say a prayer for those who are looking for the truth so that they might find it. I also hope that when we are given the opportunity to spread the truth we embrace that opportunity and show others who God is and how much he loves and cares for them and that there is hope.

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