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October 25th, 2013
Tom Ferlic

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Too often we strive for the very highest and fall short not because of our lack of commitment in our relationship with God, but because we do not include God in our daily lives.  We become too focused on our goals that we lose sight of what is important in the present. The best way to maintain an edifying relationship is to remember that God is in all things, to do more than the minimum and to continuously make an effort to stay in touch with our loving Father. It sounds like work and majority of it is, but we cannot forget what God represents: Love and compassion.  Knowing Him will help us get to the highest peak if we willingly include Him in how we choose to live.

This summer I was a Camp Counselor in a Christian Youth Camp plainly because the previous year I loved the volunteer job and it was fulfilling to inspire these kids with a good faith basis; it is something that they will take with them through their lives in sickness and in health. The previous year of the Camp, the first year, was exhausting yet fun; we had activity after activity that we had to get the kids to on time. By the end the counselors and campers were overworked, unhealthy, and dissatisfied. Yet this year, the times for each activity were spread out and each counselor and camper truly took their time with each activity, fully enjoying the Camp. So much that I want to go back because it felt like Camp!

Our commitment to God is the same way. We need to enjoy our relationship with God; not make our relationship a chore. God wants us not to begrudge Him, but to grow closer to Him. He wants us to represent Him through our actions, but He also desires to have a loving relationship with us. Once we lose sight of what is important we begin to plateau, we forget our passions for wanting to delve deeper into our faith. Otherwise, if we don’t enjoy our relationship with Him and lose our love, we exhaust ourselves and we become the begrudging servants we feared we would be.

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