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October 29th, 2013
Christina Laubenthal

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The readings today strike me with their vividness: eager, groan, dreaming, laughter, rejoicing, torrent, marvels.

These words are all used to describe what the LORD has done for “all creation” (Rom 8).  Yet, would I ever use such language to describe my own faith?

Sometimes, I think I take comfort in the monotony of my faith life.  It’s predictable, and that is fine by me.  I tell myself I don’t need to find excitement or genuine enjoyment in my faith.  That is for those who have younger faiths than me, those who need that sort of thing.  And while I am sincere in my belief that entertainment is not the sole purpose of a Sunday service, my God wants to give me those gifts.
Additionally, it’s difficult to completely let go and to completely let God have sway over my emotions.  I don’t necessarily want to embrace the LORD in a way that might affect me with such intense reaction.  I tell myself I don’t have time for that sort of obsessive or demonstrative worship. And I don’t want to look like a fool.

When I deny these types of experiences (rather by omission or actual fault), I lose the “fortune” (Psalm 126:4-5) God has in store for me.  I pray for the faith of St. Paul and of today’s psalmist.  LORD, give me a belief of overwhelming and penetrating passion, so that I may receive you in entirety.

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