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Reflections on the Daily Readings
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October 30th, 2013
Joe Chen

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vvvvvvvv In this broken world, we can be so shaken by the events, the words, and hurt that we feel every single day. Some of it directed towards us, some of it directed from us. The moment that Adam and Eve took a bite out of the forbidden fruit became the symbolic marking that we will never be perfect, that we will never live in a perfect world. It is very easy to look at the darkness and see what is lacking, but I want to encourage every one of you who is reading this one idea: God is bigger than all of this. More importantly, God wants to remind us that it is going to be all right because He is the one who is ultimately in charge. Jesus did not die on the cross for the perfect world; He died for a broken one. May today be a reminder that no matter what the world dictates, the truth is Christ himself and not even death Himself can touch you because Jesus paid the ultimate price for you. May you continue to live the truth that God loves you so much.

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