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November 3rd, 2013
Christian Andreen

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Today’s readings invite us to go out on a limb and get personal with Christ.  In the gospel a man name Zacchaeus wanted to see Christ so badly that he climbed a sycamore tree to see Jesus.  Jesus sensed his presence up in the tree even though Zacchaeus was not in Christ’s sight.  When he sensed Zaccheaus, he asked Zaccheaus to come down.  Then Christ said something surprising.  He told Zaccheaus that he would be staying Zaccheaus’s home that night. 

Just why is this surprising?  It is surprising for many reasons.  Zaccheaus was the “chief tax collector and also a wealthy man.”  By many standards, Zaccheaus was a grave sinner.  By most standards, God should want nothing to do with Zaccheaus.  But Zaccheaus knows that he needs to see Jesus.  He doesn’t know why he needs to see him, but he knows that he needs to.  Jesus finds Zaccheaus out on the limb and places himself right in the middle of Zaccheaus’s home, right in the middle of his sin.  It is noteworthy that Jesus says, “for today I must stay at our house.”  He didn’t say he wanted to “visit.”  Jesus isn’t going anywhere. 

What does this mean for me?  It means that if I go out on a limb for Christ then he will meet me right where I am.  He will enter your very home, and he isn’t going to leave you.  He doesn’t care if your home is messy.  He doesn’t care how dark your sin is.  He wants to you.  He does this in the Eucharist.  He enters your very body and doesn’t leave you. 
So this week, let Christ into your heart and into those dark twisty parts you’d prefer no one knew about.  Like Zaccheus, you may never be the same again.  Zaccheaus “gave to the poor and repayed his debts four times over.”  Scary stuff.  But think about it, if you let Jesus in like Zaccheaus did, how could your life change?  


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