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November 10th, 2013
Eric Lomas

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“He is not God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.” – Luke 20:38

There are three of us. My brothers and I, connected by something deeper and stronger than the stuff of the world. It’s a shared belief and trust in each other, in each other’s spirit, loyalty, goodness, and potential. We do not always share the same perspective, feel the same way, or think the same thing (all in all, a good thing, considering the way I sometimes think excessively), but we, especially in our best moments, see each other as God sees all people…fully alive, vibrant spirits, shapers of the world. My older brother, calm, reliable, and simple as the very core of the mountains. My little brother, open, strong, and spirited as a golden eagle.

This set of readings was challenging for me, I struggled to find a voice that spoke to me in the midst of all the words. Yet, one thing stood crystal clear for me, mentioned in both the Gospel and the first reading: brothers, and I know brothers. The connection to what I see, as the core of this Gospel was clear after reflecting on my brothers and our relationships.  That core is that God, in a state of infinite Wisdom and Grace, sees us all with eyes open and unfettered by the expectations, stereotypes, images, and jadedness of our world.  God sees us as I, in moments of clarity, see my brothers, unfettered, brilliant, down to the depth of their souls.  The constructs of society and human civilization falls away within that light, as we all shine with a different quality of that brilliance, a perfect brilliance from God reflected imperfectly and wonderfully in us.

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