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November 17th, 2013
Sam Eiffert

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I honestly had a difficult time coming up with something to say about this reading.  It’s certainly bleak.  These readings have to do with the apocalypse, a phenomenon that I find rather strange.  The reading in Thessalonians talked about an issue that the community was facing.  People were not working because they were anticipating the emanate coming of Christ.  Instead they were freeloading off of others.

Anticipation is an odd concept.  The Thessalonians were anticipating the second coming, but not in an appropriate way.  The chance that Jesus returns in our lifetime is slim, yet we are still supposed to anticipate his coming.  It is perhaps like this concept of living your life for today but also planning for the future.  We never know when we are going to die, so it is important to keep our minds in the present and enjoy life in the now.  But the now can’t be everything.  If I were living just for the now, there would be no point of going to school, getting a job, etc.  So we need plans for the future, but the trick is to not get caught up in those plans.

Jesus could come tomorrow or I could die tomorrow.  I’m not ready to leave the world yet as I want to finish school and work for productive change.  But if I did leave tomorrow, there is comfort in that I have tried to live each moment to its fullest.  It’s a demanding paradox to be both in the future and in the moment.  Maybe this is how we should anticipate Jesus’s second coming.  We continue to do his good work and plan for the future, but we are also in the moment.

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