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November 27th, 2013
Damian Olsen
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Looking at this gospel passage from Luke 21, it is difficult to relate literally to what Jesus is saying.  It is highly unlikely in our lifetime that we will be seized, handed over to prisons and led to governors and authority figures because we are Catholic.  The chance of being put to death by our relatives and friends due to our faith is (hopefully) very slim! The words in this gospel make me think of how we are persecuted in today’s society as opposed to back in the day when this passage was written. 

How are you being persecuted? Do others oppose you because of your faith? Do you find opposition in your encounters with others when you speak the truth? Has anyone thought less of you because of your faith?

If so, then we know that we are doing the right thing.  We cannot be faithful, true Catholics without some type of persecution.  If we didn’t receive any resistance, I would find that to be worrisome.  Regardless, what encouragement Christ gives to us in today’s gospel!  He tells us that not a hair on our heads will be destroyed, and our lives will be saved. Persecution to whatever degree in which we receive it, as well as being disliked by our co-workers, peers, and even family members because of our faith is a small price to pay for Jesus. I pray that we all can have the holy confidence to be who Christ is calling us to be, and to not be self-conscious when speaking the truth into all situations, even though we may find ourselves greatly humbled. Be not afraid.

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