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November 28th, 2013
Ryan Didde
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On this glorious Thanksgiving Day, we are reminded of the many gifts God has blessed us with. We can sit back, take in this joy, and let out all of the stress that we might have. When looking back on the past few days and weeks, I know that I am truly blessed. From the smiles I see around me to all the friends and family that really care, I cannot understand why I have been given all that I have. Why me? Why do I have all that God has given me?
When reflecting on the Thanksgiving readings, the answer seemed to become apparent. In Luke, Jesus tells the lepers who have been healed to go show themselves to the priests. One of the ten comes back to actually thank Jesus for what he has done. I believe that Jesus wants us to show everyone around us all of the gifts he has given us, just as the lepers were told to show the preists. But I think Jesus wants more. I believe Jesus wants us, especially on this day, to praise and thank Him for these gifts. He wants from us to show others all of the amazing things we have while giving this glory to God in return. This might be one of the most worthy ways of showing God how much we appreciate all of our blessings. So as we are eating delicious Thanksgiving food, let us remember to sit back and ponder how we can thank God in the most profound way on this Thanksgiving day.

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