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November 30th, 2013
James Doyle
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“He called them, and immediately they left their boat…and followed him” –Matthew 4:22

Here were the apostles, just going about their daily lives, fishing, working, mending their nets, and all of sudden, Jesus enters and everything changes.  I have often asked myself if I could leave everything behind and follow after Jesus if He walked by and called out to me.  If I were studying chemistry in the library and, all of sudden, Jesus walked by and said, “James, come and follow me,” could I leave everything immediately and follow Him?  It’s easier said than done.

There are a million reasons why we should not abandon our day to day lives.  This is the life we know.  This is where we are safe.  I could see myself saying, “Oh Jesus, can it wait until after my test?  Can I just finish this one problem?  I’ll be there soon.”  But soon is not good enough for Christ.  The disciples left immediately

In the modern world, I think we suffer from commitment-phobia.  We don’t like to make commitments to others or to God because we think that it ties us down.  We like to be free and independent, but we need to realize that we cannot be independent.  We are dependent on God for everything.  If He were to stop thinking about us for even one instant, we would cease to exist in that instant.  I think that the greatest sin in the modern world, and probably the greatest sin in my own life, is that of self-dependence.  How many times a day I catch myself thinking, “I can do this task by myself.  I don’t need help.  If I ask for help, others will think that I am weak.”

But the reality is that I am weak.  Pride is the root of all sin because pride inflates our ego and turns us into something that we are not.  Pride creates for us a false world, outside of reality.  But God is reality.  Jesus is real and Jesus is alive, and today He says to all of us, “Come, follow me.  Come out of your own private world and step into reality.  Embrace the reality that you are my beloved, and I love you more than anything.  I want the best for you.”  And we must have the humility to accept.  Humility is acceptance of the Truth, and the Truth that Christ came to proclaim is that He wants nothing more than to be with us forever is heaven.  He invites us to come to know Him and love Him.  Too often, I think we try to make God into something that works in our daily or weekly lives, but today, Jesus invites us out of our day to day lives and to live with Him in reality.

When I meet with my spiritual director, he will often ask me, “James, who are the people who love God the most?”  The first time he asked me that question, I didn't know what to say.  Fortunately, he answered his own question.  “The people who love God the most are those who are most receptive to His love for them.”  Today, Christ invites us to step out of our own lives and enter into reality, the reality where we are God’s beloved, where He invites us to share in His divine nature, where He offers us His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in order that we might become one with Him.  And all He asks for in return is our life and our love.  Such a small price He asks us to pay in exchange for so great a gift!

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