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December 3nd, 2013
Ben Dellaria
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“For although you have hidden these things from the wise and learned you have revealed them to the childlike.”

This phrase has definitely changed it’s meaning to me in the past few years. For many years it made no sense to me because I was supposed to study the scriptures that I may know God better and thus become more wise and learned. Yet at the same time, as I did this, it seemed like God would become more hidden from me. What was I to do?

For many years of my short life, the pursuit of God was mostly an academic affair. I knew the scriptures. I had read the whole Bible and I could quote scriptures for any event. I knew all sorts of things about God. But did I know who God is? That was a question that I struggled with because what I knew about God came from a book and thus there was some sort of academic aspect, yet I began to realize that this book revealed a person to me. It didn’t reveal aspects of a person, but a true and living person that coincidently was omnipotent and my greatest lover. This realization changed this phrase for me. As a child desires to learn, not just to know facts but out of pure curiosity, was the way I was supposed to learn about my savior. I was called to be dependent, like a child, on God and until I fully leaned upon him, I would never fully understand him.

Now I do neither of these things very well or very often, but I know that I will never know God unless I am able to be dependent upon him and seek him unabashedly for the reason of simply being his son. I have glimpsed his love and glory and sat in his presence and know of his goodness. I have seen his suffering and have suffered with him. I have been dependent upon him because there was no other choice and he has shared himself with me in a way I could have never discovered academically. Have we ever trusted God like a child can trust?

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