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December 4nd, 2013
Kevin Ryan
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“I do not want to send them away hungry for I fear they may collapse on the way.”

What an odd story the gospel is today.  These people have been following Jesus for three days, and in that span of time have had nothing to eat.  Their desire to be with Jesus has overcome even their basic desire for food.  They follow after Jesus with reckless abandon, at great personal cost to themselves.  These people must be crazy.  Or are they?

Perhaps for us this should be reality check.  How much do we desire to follow Jesus?  Do we desire him enough to seek him even when we are hungry?  Busy?  Tired?  What kind of things are we willing to give up in order to follow Jesus?  What kind of things aren’t we willing to give up?

If this story tells us anything, it is that Jesus will provide for us.  If we are willing to make sacrifices to go where Jesus may be leading, he won’t forget us, he won’t allow us to perish in pursuit of him.  Jesus will give us what we need to carry on after him.  He feeds the crowds out of just seven loafs and two fish.  Imagine what he can do with the small amount we have to offer.  Our path may not be easy, and will probably be wrought with suffering, but it will not be in vain.  Jesus will lead us to heaven if we are willing to follow him above every other desire.

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