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Reflections on the Daily Readings
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December 11th, 2013
Michael Holdsworth
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How fitting is it that during Finals week for the gospel reading to be from Matthew 11:28-30, with Jesus’ offer of rest for all who labor and are burdened. Just as our academic calendar is at the height of stress and anxiety, so is college really a great time of burden in life. Through the sometimes seemingly overwhelming schedule and tasks, we are shaping ourselves to be the people we will become for the rest of our lives. In the organized chaos, we can become either dependent on ourselves, or become dependent and trusting in God.

Jesus offers rest that is beyond compare to anything in this life, we just have to choose to accept. The only true rest and peace we can ever find is that in Christ. The first reading in Isaiah further affirms the untiring and unyielding nature of God. He gives his strength and makes us perfect in our weakness. The reading ends with one of my personal favorite verses, Isaiah 40:31. There’s such great hope and reassurance that no matter how overwhelming or exhausting life can be, God is always ready and willing to provide the strength I need.

God’s great care and love can elicit no other response from us than in the responsorial Psalm, to bless the Lord and his holy name. How great is our God that he forgives us our sin and instead chooses to bless us instead of giving us the death we deserve. God renews our strength everyday and treats us with grace and mercy.

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