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December 23th, 2013
Ryan Didde
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In today’s reading from Luke, we see how Elizabeth’s child will be named John. When people heard of this, they were confused because there was nobody among their relatives with this name. Having God’s will be done instead of another person’s is not something new in the bible, and in fact it is present in many other passages. We see this when the angel Gabriel appears to Mary and when Jonah is swallowed by a whale when he tries to defy God. The idea of these stories is that God’s will is not only more powerful than us, but also the will to allow us all the joy we could ever have.

Now how is this idea apparent in our lives? Well there are many ways, and I will cover a few. Probably the most apparent in my life is when things don’t go as planned. In fact, it can be very disheartening when we have something planned and imagined so perfect in our minds, only for it to go very differently. This is a normal part of life. But why? My best guess is that God has an incredibly intricate and perfect plan for us, and it happens to be a little different than our personal plan. God feels our pain when we hurt, but he knows exactly where we are, and he has a perfect plan for us to fulfill.

Now how do we know where God is present, guiding us and where the enemy might be tempting us away? We don’t, but we do know what God expects of us, which is laid out in the Bible. So as we go on to celebrate Christmas, let us keep in mind the way our actions as well as our thoughts do or do not reflect Jesus, and his perfect love for every single person.

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