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From a Creighton Student's Perspective

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February 12th, 2009


Chelsea Fischer

Junior, Exercise Science major

Gn 2:18-25
Ps 128:1-2, 3, 4-5
Mk 7:24-30

In the beginning of the Gospel we are given a scene of Jesus retreating to a location hoping that others would not know he was there.  He more than likely was looking for a little bit of time to himself for prayer and reflection on the work that he was doing.  However, similar to what happens frequently, Jesus is recognized and sought out by someone in need of his help.  In this case, a Greek woman in desperate hope that Jesus could do something to help cure the evil within her daughter.   Although this woman was not part of the Jewish following as Jesus was, she believed in Jesus and the works that he could perform and for her faith her daughter was healed. 

This reading from the Gospel of Mark highlights the universality of the love of God and the work of Jesus while he was on earth.  The power, mercy and love of God do not only extend to people of the Catholic Church, but to everyone. As long as a belief in his ability and presence is among us, God’s love will flood our lives.   

It does not matter the strength of our faith or our current relationship with God, whether it be as a member of the Church or someone else, turning to God with our faith and trust will yield God’s mercy and love just as was shown to the Greek woman who approached Jesus in Tyre.  This reading helps me remember that I need to constantly put my trust in God that even when I have turned from him he will always be there when I have faith.

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