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March 3rd, 2009

Nicole Hesse

Junior, Pre-Med, Spanish Major

Is 55:10-11
Ps 34:4-5, 6-7, 16-17, 18-19
Mt 6:7-15

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The Daily Reflections

Lent is a season characterized by suffering and darkness, sacrifice and fasting. Many Catholics have a hard time embracing Lent as openly and fervently as they do Advent, myself included. I think today’s readings encourage us to take a new perspective on suffering and on the season of Lent altogether. The Psalm today leaves us with a warm sense of God’s enduring compassion. Christ suffers with us by enduring the cross; this is the epitome of compassion. Nothing else compares. Jesus is compassionate and we can go to Him for help, guidance, and shelter. He is the rock upon which we can always depend. Those who go to Him for help are happy. “From all their distress God rescues the just” (Ps 34:18b). We need to TRUST in this power of God by having faith in Jesus’ compassion.

In the Gospel we learn to pray the glorious “Our Father.” [The Catechism has an entire section devoted to prayer, which investigates this special prayer line by line. I encourage you to read and discover it this Lent (Part Four, Christian Prayer).] What a prayer! We rely on God, coming to him in faith and asking for “our daily bread,” the means necessary to make it through the day.

This Lent, let’s try to offer up to God something in our lives that is especially hard to pray for. We are sure to have less worry, less anxiety. God reaches out to help us and while He won’t take the suffering away, we can always ask for a new perspective or the means to deal with it. No matter what we are going through, prayer will help us through. Rejoice in the good news of God.

Jesus, this Lent, help us to open our hearts to receive your love. Allow us to have compassion as you do and to trust in your love.

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