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From a Creighton Student's Perspective

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November 2nd, 2008

Margaret McGLynn

Junior, Biochemistry

Wis 3:1-9
Ps 23:1-3a, 3b-4, 5, 6
Rom 5:5-11 or Rom 6:3-9
Jn 6:37-40

People who have hope can survive, even thrive, during life's most difficult trials. This statement was never more evident than when I began volunteering at a home for neglected and abused children when I was 15.

We began one volunteer session with a prayer.

“Let’s begin today’s activities with a prayer,” Mary, the home's director, told the volunteers and children.
“Can I read from my Bible?” Tommy asked.
Mary nodded.
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

As Tommy read from John 1:1, everyone heard another voice. From across the room Bobby was reciting the passage -- he had it memorized.

The children at the children's home I volunteered with suffered at the hands of those who should love them most, their parents, yet they are deeply religious. During their difficult life, these children have turned to God. God is the ultimate healer, the ultimate source of hope. As the first reading states, despite their apparent suffering, they experience internal peace because they look toward God for hope. With the prospect of heaven ahead of them, they have much to look forward to.


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