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November 22nd, 2008

Seamus Regan

Junior; Theology Major

Rv 11:4-12
Ps 144:1, 2, 9-10
Lk 20:27-40

The message that I took from the gospel reading today was a very humbling one. The Sadducees inability to understand the full implications of the resurrection and eternal life can be seen as representative of our own limited understanding as humans. Throughout life we are exposed and blessed with greater understanding if we are open to it. Often in the most unlikely of times and places we are graced with moments of clarity in which we can view a glimpse of the divine mystery unraveling around us. Nonetheless, we all struggle and fall short in our understanding. There are always aspects of our understanding which don’t always add up logically and call our faith into question. The gospel message today for me is undoubtedly one of faith.

We may not understand the complexities of marriage and relationships in eternal life, nor the reason why a family member has become severely ill. There are moments in life where things don’t make sense, and the lack of clarity and comprehension is troubling and frustrating. As much as we would like to believe that we have everything worked out, there will always be times of doubt and despair. The lack of answers and understanding can often be overcome with simple faith; faith in the goodness of others and in the goodness of God, faith that there is a purpose and meaning to all that you experience in life. I find it very humbling as well as liberating to realize that I don’t have all the answers, but that I have the capacity for faith that someone does have those answers that I’m searching for.

No living human is blessed with all the answers. This is not to say we understand nothing. There is a great deal of truth that we are exposed to and can understand. Not only that, but everyday we should be striving for and open to greater understanding and clarity.

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