Andy Alexander, S.J.

Director of the Collaborative Ministry Office

Came to Creighton U. in 1996.
In current position since 1997.

Andy Alexander, S.J.
More about me:

I was born and raised in Omaha, 8 blocks from where I now work.  My parents were very involved in the Jesuit parish here and were outstanding examples of a commitment to service for my sister and me as we were growing up.  I entered the Jesuits in 1966, and was ordained in 1979. 

I love giving the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius, in any adaptation.  One of my greatest privileges was to serve as pastor at Gesu Parish in Milwaukee for 8 years before coming here.  The community there taught me about church, and the relationship between the worship which says who we are and the ministry to which it sends us. 

One of the privileges of being back in Omaha was helping my mother care for my father, the last four and a half years of his life.  Both of my parents have died and are enjoying the embrace of the Lord which they taught me about all of their lives.

I now enjoy helping out at St. Robert Bellarmine Parish on weekends, where my father served as a deacon for over 20 years.

Writing these reflections:

When I write these reflections I try to imagine the people who will be reading them.  I try to imagine what ways I might be in solidarity with people struggling in any way.   Then I read the readings.  Then I ask, "what is the good news that we need to hear?"  Something usually just comes, to me. 

It is tremendously consoling to receive mail from people around the world, simply expressing gratitude for a reflection.  Most of the time, it is enough to know, from the numbers, that people are finding this site to be a helpful spiritual support. 

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