Bayu Risanto, S.J.

I am a graduate student in the Atmospheric Science and Meteorology Program (Physics Department)

Bayu Risanto, S.J.
More about me:

I am an Indonesian Province Jesuit. I was born in Bogor, Indonesia, and spent my first 16 years of my life in that small city. Since then, I moved around from one city to another to pursue my education. For two years I taught Geometry and Physics in Xavier High School, a Jesuit-run high school in Micronesia (somewhere in the Pacific), and then became an editor of BASIS, a magazine of philosophy and culture in Indonesia, until now. After my ordination, I was assigned to study meteorology and climatology. I love it!  

Writing these reflections:

Writing this reflection is equal to sharing my prayer with the reader. I am thankful for being given this opportunity. 


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