Barbara J. Dilly
Associate Professor of Anthropology, 
Department of Sociology and Anthropology 
Barb Dilly
More about me:

I came to Creighton in 2001. I love the students and enjoy interacting with them because they are as pleasant as they are intelligent. I also appreciate the emphasis on development of the whole person that the Jesuit tradition enhances and celebrates.

I earned my BA in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA in 1988 and my Ph.D. in Comparative Cultures from the University of California, Irvine in 1994. My research interests are focused on rural communities in the American Midwest and Latin America. I teach Introductory Anthropology; Peoples and Cultures of Latin America; Gender, Society, and Culture; Language, Culture, and the Individual; and Qualitative Research Methods.

I like gardening, cooking, dancing, and classic automobiles. I love driving my 65 Impala convertible and my 49 Willys Jeepster.

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