Chas Kestermeier, S.J.
English Department
Chas Kestermeier, S.J.
More about me:

Originally from Milwaukee, my Jesuit training has taken me all over the Midwest and even to France and Spain for a few years.  I taught at our all-boy high school here in Omaha, Creighton Prep, for 15 years and have now been at Creighton University since 1995.  I currently teach one section of English composition to freshmen (an attempt to help them discover different possible voices for themselves as well as an attempt to expand their vocabulary and to purify their grammar and syntax).  I also serve as chaplain in one of our residence halls devoted to freshmen and as chaplain to our student government and our Army ROTC unit as well as doing weekend supply.


Writing these reflections:

Scripture is a faith letter from believers in the past to us today.  My job as a preacher is to make that word be God's Word to the congregation I am with today.  I face the same problem that the family cook has: I need to deal with the same materials as always but to come up with something both nourishing and attractive, something that will lift spirits and give life. Prayer before preaching is thus essential, that what I present is what God wants these particular people to hear.