Craig Zimmer
Campus Ministry
Retreat Director
More about me:

I work in Creighton's Campus Ministry office, accompanying students on weekend retreats and working with student leaders to facilitate those retreats.  I am a graduate of Creighton, and came back here in 2011 after working in Campus Ministry and completing a graduate degree at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   My wife, Margaret, also graduated from and works at Creighton, so our connection to this university is pretty strong!  I really enjoy working with students who are going to leave Creighton and have a positive impact on the world, and I hope to continue doing this work for a long time.

Writing these reflections:

Taking time to really sit with the Scriptures is something that not many of us do in our lives.  And being able to share our reflections on those Scriptures with other people of faith is something often reserved only for clergy at the pulpit.  So I very much enjoy the opportunity to write these reflections, not because I think I have anything "better" to say than anyone else, but because we can learn so much from each other through the different ways we understand faith and look at the world.  I am just grateful to be a small part of this ministry! 

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