Cynthia Schmersal

Vice-president for Mission and Ministry

I have the great joy and privilege of serving as Creighton University’s Vice President of Mission & Ministry and, therein, partner with folks throughout the University and beyond in collectively animating and perpetually deepening our Jesuit, Catholic mission and identity. No doubt, it’s graced work.

More about me:

An Ohio native, I have spent most of my life in the Midwest, save a few formative years in my youth during which my family and I lived in Egypt.

I was first introduced to the Jesuit charism as an undergraduate student have remained meaningfully engaged with the charism since as a student, volunteer, employee, parishioner, and retreatant.  To say it has powerfully shaped and changed my life is not an understatement.

Writing these reflections:

I am both grateful for and humbled by the opportunity to share in writing these reflections. It is great gift to engage scripture with others in this way and, through the reflections and responses to them, be connected with a wonderful web of Christians throughout the world.

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