Daniel Patrick O'Reilly

Program Coordinator: Creighton University Clinical Education & Simulation Center

I've been at Creighton since 1989.

More about me:

I'm 55+ years old.  Married for 30+ years to a blue-eyed beauty who is truly a gift from God.  I have seven children, high schoolers to college students, all boys.  I come from an Irish-Catholic background, was raised Methodist, married a Lutheran and am now a Presbyterian.  Go figure.  As you would guess, with all these kids, much of my life revolves around children.  Children are a gift from God and I love being around all children, not just my own. 

I coach soccer, teach Sunday School, do a Bible study on Wednesday nights and share duties with my better half as cook, bottle washer and chauffeur.  I love to read and listen to music.  I lean towards rock music and in recent years have become a big fan of some contemporary Christian musicians.  I love to travel and am blessed with children who can handle six hours in a van pretty well.  I often marvel at how I've been blessed. 

Writing these reflections:

When I was first asked to write a Daily Reflection, I was quite intimidated. I am definitely not a Bible scholar.  In fact I don't believe I've ever set foot on the campus of a seminary, let alone attended one.  However, I love God and I love His Word and I saw this as an opportunity to share my faith with others.  I just didn't realize how many others it would be.  I originally thought this would just be a thing for Creighton people.  Then I got a note from a gentleman in California thanking me for my reflection.  Then I was really intimidated.  The key for me, when writing a reflection, is to use my heart and not my head.  If I try to analyze scripture or try to get too wordy, it simply rings hollow.  If I'm just honest and speak from the heart, God seems to bless the effort. 

Other links to me:

e-mail: daniel@creighton.edu

home: https://people.creighton.edu/~dpo44134/