Eileen C. Burke-Sullivan

I came to Creighton as a full time faculty member in the Theology Department in 2003. I have been the Director of the Master of Arts in Ministry Program and Co-Director of the Christian Spirituality Program.
Currently I am an Associate Professor of Theology and the inaugural chair holder of the Barbara Reardon Heaney Chair in Pastoral Liturgical Theology.  In July 2014 I became the Vice Provost for the newly reshaped Division of Mission and Ministry for Creighton University.

More about me:

Before coming to Creighton I served as a lay pastoral minister in parishes and dioceses in Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas and Massachusetts.  I completed my Doctoral Studies at Weston Jesuit School of Theology (now the School of Theology and Ministry at Boston College) in Cambridge, MA.

Michael Sullivan and I have been married for thirty-two years.  He is now retired after teaching high school students for many years.  My brother, Kevin Burke, S.J. and I co-wrote The Ignatian Tradition which was published by Liturgical Press in 2009, and a second book, Gaudium et Spes: Fifty Years Later, written in collaboration with Michael Lawler and Todd Salzman, will be published by Liturgical Press in the fall of 2014.

I am an active member of Christian Life Community, an international Ignatian lay community of mission, and I work with the Ignatian Colleagues Program, a national formation program for administrators and faculty of Jesuit Universities, and now serve on an international committee to prepare an Ignatian Scholars Program for students around the world.  I also represent Creighton at a consortium of Jesuit universities in the United States that have graduate schools of ministry formation.  I also serve as a frequent guest on the podcast called “Catholic Comments,” hosted by members of the Theology Faculty of Creighton.

Writing these reflections:

Various forms of ministry of the Word have been among the most important work I have been privileged to perform over much of my life as a pastoral minister, administrator, and teacher.  Deepening the understanding of the Scriptures and the Church's liturgy among the baptized has continually been at the heart of my professional work, so engaging in writing these reflections is a rich opportunity to expand that ministry beyond a single parish, diocese or region and to reach women and men throughout the world wide web - a somewhat challenging and heady realization.  I am deeply grateful for the emails that are sent in response to one or another reflection.  They engage my heart in a real relationship with those who read and pray with these reflections.

Other links to me:

e-mail: e_burkesullivan@creighton.edu

Catholic Comments podcast for August 2nd: http://cct.creighton.edu/?cat=16