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Every day early in the morning I begin my journey reading your daily reflections, I am an orthopaedic surgeon, 47 years old, married with three children and medical director of a 220 beds public hospital at the southern Argentine patagonia, and last but not at least, a CLC member, here in Argentina.  Believe me, your readings are so helpful before an overwhelming work-day.

I am a Presbyterian Pastor who preaches each week. I just discovered your site and know that it will be very helpful to me. It's thoughtful, thought provoking and beautiful.

As a former Jesuit scholastic of the Philippine province in 1972, I continue to be fed by Jesuits and Ignatian spirituality. The web site you service and update truly give glory to God and allow businessmen such as myself an oasis of renewal, refreshment and reflection. Father Ignatius, whose feast we celebrate tomorrow will truly be pleased.

I am reading your Ignatian retreat pages, and the Sunday reading pages while I'm working these months in Brazil, and I only wanted to write to say how helpful they are to me! Many thanks.

I never have the time or money to go "on retreat", yet it seems to be like water to a very thirsty person. I am so thirsty.

I am a Maltese priest (Malta is a South European Country; abut 60 miles south of Sicily). I have been introduced to your site by one of my friends in the US. I have tried it and found it most useful in my personal preparation for the homily as well as its delivery. Thank you very much and keep it up.

My spiritual director in South Africa phone calls me monthly. It works out cost wise the same as doing a three hour drive to see him when he was here in England.  I would like to do a retreat but as a mother of 3 aged 10, 8, and 2 it isn't easy to get away like I used to. I teach full time as a special teacher with children who are emotional and behavioural problems and I have got a dissertation to finish on spiritual direction and the use priests make of it.

Just a note to express my appreciation for your online retreat site. I am an American living in Shanghai (my husband is here on a 3 year assignment) and the internet is my primary source of meaningful reading. I am on week 24 of the retreat and the insights I have gained are helping tremendously on my "journey." I also read the daily reflection page and am grateful for their availability.

Thank you for the wonderful retreat! I'm afflicted with muscular dystrophy and cannot leave my home for very long. I've always been interested in Ignatian Spirituality. This is a great way for me to make a retreat. I can't move my arms, and use a voice-activated computer. The Internet is a terrific way for me to regain the ability to find out about the world. Your web site, and all the links, are a tremendous door to the world for me. Thank you.

The web page is beautiful and absolutely superb.  I browse the page every week. It's very useful to my ministry in Kiwana, Zaire. You are doing a wonderful ministry. Please keep it up.

I made encountering your daily readings site a requirement for two of my classes -- a 100 level Introductory course and a 200 level course on Christianity and Culture. I made an "appreciation" of scripture and its power one of the objectives of the two courses and made a daily encounter with your web site the means to achieve it. The students have to spend ten minutes a day, keep a personal journal of reflections (two or three sentences), based on the readings and the reflection.

Thanks for telling me about online retreat.  Here in Kuwait there is a shortage for religious literature and I was browsing for spiritual material on the net always afraid that I might get into some wrong site, so I was going by the saints names and when I entered Ignatius Loyola, I got this Creighton site about two months ago, ever since I am discovering every material I can get my hands on in Creighton. ... I feel I need to do a closed retreat but we do not have such facilities here and as far as India (I am an Indian working in Kuwait) I have been away for over 20 years I do not know any place where I can do such a retreat.

My pastor and I have set up a "Virtual Retreat" within the parish. We expected a handful of people, but now have 45 people signed up. We use your On-Line Retreat as our resource, and we have a bulletin board on the internet, provided generously for no charge by Claretian Publications through their US Catholic web site. We use the bulletin board to share the insights and graces that we realize as a result of our reflections. ... Thank you so much for making this resource available. Our group is growing in the Spirit through your generousity.

Many thanks to you and the team for the Reflections that you write so assiduously each day. They are thought-provoking and very useful to those of us busy in inner-city ministry, in Peterborough, UK!

Just a note to let you know that I use your reflections when I'm leading the Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion during the weekdays when our priest is not available. I find your reflections very helpful and thought provoking. Thank you for your work!

God is wonderful. He lead me to this online retreat as I was approaching my 40th birthday. ... Now I have a lighthouse for my journey not just for 34 weeks but for the rest of my life, "expecting good to unfold". Thank so much for this opportunity. Puerto Real, Puerto Rico.

Thank you very much for your reflections. I find your page very useful. I'm a Mexican missionary working in South Korea since 1994. Your reflections and share help me to share my faith with my brothers and sisters here. God bless you and your order too.

I want to thank you for the wonderful reflections.  They help me a lot when I am preparing my daily meditation! Have you ever thought that your reflections would come so far - here in Latin America, Brazil?  Pray for us here in Brazil as we try to spread the same Word of God to our people that suffers in so many ways and need healing.

Thank you for the Collaborative Ministry site -- it is a gift! As someone who spends most of my ministry time traveling and training...away from a "consistent community," I particularly appreciate the capacity to stay connected to a spiritual "virtual community" through this site...knowing others are reading, reflecting and responding to these same scriptures on this day. A "techno-tangible" reminder that we are truly all one Body of Christ!

I discovered the web site and have enjoyed reading the reflections. Will pass it on to my friends. I am from Wellington New Zealand.

I have already canceled my subscription to the N.Y. Times so as to have sufficient time to devote to the 34-week Retreat program. The Wall Street Journal is next. Since I won't see 82 again its imperative to allocate my time in the most beneficial manner. The Retreat is it!

You are doing a wonderful mission of spreading the word of God around the globe. May God continue to bless you and inspire you with his word and his love.  The Philippines

I am a very (all too...) busy marketing professional struggling with how to maintain contact with my spirituality within the real world increasing demands of surviving in the "new economy" and new "free agency" employment mentality. Maintaining balance in my life has recently been a loosing battle. The resource and perspective your site has given me (actually "us" because a lot of my friends are in the same boat) is incredible... the proverbial "stillpoint in the turning world" that is accessible in a real world environment. I still have a lot of work to do in setting my priorities and still surviving professionally, but this has been a Godsend, and evidence that the Catholic Church is -- or has become-- very relevant to our lives. Kudos and thanks!

Thank you for your work on preparation for the Easter vigil. Suffering from multiple cancers and in intractable pain, morphine contraindicated, being housebound missing the liturgies seemed to be loss. With your help over the Easter period -it was still 'good'.  I am doing the retreat with advantage-slowly. Blessings on the work of you all. Edinburgh, Scotland

Just want to thank you for making the daily reflections available. I live in Rome and this resource in English is a real gift.

Greetings and many thanks to all of your staff at Creighton for the Daily Reflections I find them most helpful for my daily homilies here where I am chaplain.  Enjoy your Summer but the sun still shines here in Perth, Western Australia even in Winter.

I am an Anglican priest from Perth, Western Australia. Have just discovered your site & am looking fwd to utilising it. Looking forward to an interesting association with you via the cyberscape.

Just to say that I discovered the web site today (thanks to an article in The Tablet) and am starting the retreat. I am delighted to have this opportunity. Sincere thanks to all who have worked so hard to set up this site. God bless.

I'm with the Peace Corps in Cape Verde, West Africa. Thanks.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your on-line ministry. I am a physician, going through a bitter divorce, concerned about the drug problems of two of my three children. I myself am a recovering alcoholic for the past 15 years,whohas needed to expand his spiritual horizons. Raised a Catholic, I have found a renewed understanding and appreciation of my Faith here on your web site. I try to make contact with these pages every day, and I have gotten a lot of comfort and strength here. Thanks to you I have deepened my relationship with the Lord of endless mercy and love. May God continue to bless you and your ministry!

I just want to thank you for the reflections. My way back from atheism, to belief and to the Catholic church (I used to belong to the Church of Norway like 98% of my fellow Norwegians), had a great extent to do with the humanity I discoverd in my Christian friends. To me the became a sacrement, a sign of Christ true an everlasting presence in our lives.  Now your reflections have made me see that the search of our own humanity is a part of our everlasting search for Christ.

For the past year or so I have been a daily visitor to your site. (I now also carry the site on my Palm IIIxe. You have made this technology holy, for which I am deeply grateful.)  I am at an embarrassing loss for words to describe the quality and value of this truly Ignatian ministry.

I will use your ideas in my reflection, but they will have to be translated into Gaelic or Gaeilge, the medium used in this part of Ireland. I live on the West coast of Ireland. Gaelic is my first language. I use the Creighton University web quite often.  Beannacht Dé ar do chuid oibre....God bless your work.

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