Joe Simmons, S.J.

Assistant to the President

More about me:

As part of the long road of Jesuit formation, I've worked at Creighton University just for one year (2013-14), serving as the Assistant to the President and an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy.  It has been a wonderful community to live and work in!  Beginning in August 2014, I'll be studying theology at Boston College before ordination (God willing!) to the priesthood in 2017.

I enjoy reading, running, cooking, travelling, and good spiritual conversation.

Writing these reflections:
In my experience of writing reflections, I am frequently surprised by my encounter with the readings of the day.  When I don't spend time with the readings beforehand, I tend to tip-toe around those passages that challenge my complacencies and interior attitudes.  They sound old and familiar, and conveniently fade into background music.  But spending time in prayer with them infuses familiar words and phrases with new dimensions, and calls me to greater honesty with God and myself. Writing these reflections is good for my soul.

 I also write regularly for The Jesuit Post, a blog discussing faith and culture that is run entirely by young Jesuits in formation.

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