Kimberly Grassmeyer

Adjunct Instructor, Interdisciplinary Leadership
Graduate College

Kimberly Grassmeyer
More about me:

In the mid-1980s (before many of our readers were reading!) I became a grateful and devoted member of my profession of Higher Education / Student Affairs.  I have had the privilege of serving several institutions since that time, with Iowa State University to the east,  The Colorado College to the west, and The University of Kansas to the south as primary stomping grounds!  I also worked for a time as a consultant to universities across Canada, the United States and Mexico.  It has been a rich and wonderful ride, and I consider it an honor to be closing out my professional life in my hometown of Omaha at Creighton University where my professional, personal and faith values dance together in an enriching partnership.

At home I am a proud mother, daughter, sister and friend who grew up right here in Omaha (as Kimberly VanHorn).  My two sons are now  grown men contributing well in the world, with blushing brides of their own (both married in 2015 – a very good year!), and nothing brings me more pleasure than to spend time with them and enjoy their youthful energy.  Both of my parents are still living, my five siblings and their families are a source of great joy, and rich friendships both new and old sustain me. 

Writing these reflections:

As a seeker and a sinner I am wholly imperfect, which is to say I am the human that God created me to be.  My faith is often quite strong; at other moments it is shaken to its core.   I am not a scholar of the Bible nor do I consider myself to be faithful enough or wise enough to lead others in their faith journey…. which is why (apparently) my gracious colleagues believe that I may have something of value to say to the other seekers in the world!  I hope that my thoughts and provocations may in some measure provide perspective, pause, laughter, grace, and some peace to you. 

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