Kelly Tadeo Orbik
Associate Director,
Schlegel Center for Service and Justice
More about me:

I am the Associate Director for the Schlegel Center for Service and Justice (SCSJ). I started as an undergraduate student here at Creighton in 2002.

I was blessed to stay for graduate school at the Werner Institute and to continue working in the SCSJ. I am recently married.

I grew up in Papillion, NE. While I haven’t moved far from home, I have had many opportunities to live with and learn from various communities in El Salvador, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and on 6 domestic service trips. These experiences have been incredibly educational, inspirational and life changing- it is truly amazing how connected we are as a human family, how much we depend on and impact each other. After college I lived in an intentional community called the ‘Namaste Community’. My B.A. is in Justice Society and Spanish (Creighton ’06). My Masters is in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution with an international concentration through Creighton’s Werner Institute. I see my role and that of our office as bridge building. I was initially drawn to Creighton because I wanted to learn more about my Catholic faith. I stay at Creighton because being a part of the Ignatian family is incredibly enriching. Each day I love learning about Ignatian spirituality and finding ways to share it with others.  

Away from my work with the SCSJ, I am an affiliate mediator with the Concord Center, visit immigrant detainees in Douglas County Corrections, help with the Education Initiative with Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim (where I met my husband!), and serve on the leadership board for Ixim: Spirit of Solidarity, a twinning relationship between Omaha and Huehuetenango, Guatemala. I am also an active member on Omaha Together One Community’s Just Immigration Action Team. I love connecting our students and many great Omaha and national community partners.

Writing these reflections:

I have always appreciated reading the online reflections and value the conversations and prayer that they can begin. I have also been impressed in my travels to see how widely they are read and how they connect missionaries and people living all over the world.

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