Luis Rodriguez, S.J.
Upon returning to Creighton University in January of 2012, I have been made available for spirituality ministry, aside from presiding at Masses and visiting the sick, I have been available for spiritual direction and individually directed retreats. 
More about me:

I joined the Jesuits in Salamanca, Spain, in 1951 and was ordained a priest in Munich, Germany, in 1965. My Jesuit life and work has taken place in a variety of locations: the Caribbean, Germany, Canada and the United States. I have lived over fifty years in the States, of which almost thirty-four were spent in Milwaukee, WI. I taught engineering at Marquette University from 1971 to 1991, when I resigned my position to be part of the formation team at our novitiate in St. Paul, MN. Before moving to Omaha in 2000, I was in charge of a Jesuit community we opened in the Milwaukee area to provide adequate health care for our elderly and infirm Jesuits, serving six years in that position. During all those years, including my teaching years, I always stayed in touch with spirituality ministry, both in spiritual direction and in personally directed retreats. 

In 2007, after seven years of chaplaincy at the then Creighton hospital, I received a new assignment that took me back to Milwaukee to work as personal assistant to our Provincial, an assignment that ended in 2011 when he concluded his term in office. Following that I have been “recycled” back to Creighton where, aside from presiding at masses and visiting the sick, I have been available for spiritual direction and individually directed retreats.

Writing these reflections:

Writing these daily reflections is not unlike preparing a short homily, which I do quite regularly. Because here I do not know ahead of time who my "audience" will be, I try to get below the surface of the data supplied by the readings or feast day and find dimensions that could be helpful for anyone spiritually interested enough to read them on our web page. 

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