Maryanne Rouse
Professional Ethics Advisor,
Dept. of Marketing & Management,
Heider College of Business
More about me:

I had been retired for two weeks when a good friend called to see if I would be interested in working at the College of Business as an advisor to juniors in the Waite Leadership Program as they complete their service leadership activity. August begins my ninth year assisting Level 3 Waite Scholars fulfill the requirement to put their business skills to work in real life needed projects for a variety of entities. What a joy!  

As an adult-life-long member of Christian Life Communities, I have stayed connected to Creighton and St. John's since my graduation in the early '60's. Tim and I celebrated our  51st Anniversary in June, have three adult children, ten grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. I serve as a Litugrical Assistant at St. John's and have been a retreat and spiritual director for many years.

Writing these reflections:

Writing one of these reflections requires more serious attention to my own prayer than I'm sorry to say it receives at some other times. As I do when I'm preparing for a retreat, I'm praying for all who may read what I have written that God will work through me for them.

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