Michael Cherney

I am an emeritus professor in the Physics Department.  I have been on the Creighton faculty since 1989.

More about me:

I grew up in Milwaukee and have lived in Madison, St. Paul, Hamburg, Geneva, Omaha and Boston. I taught for 27 years in the Creighton Physics Department. Now I am mostly retired and have returned to the Milwaukee area where my wife recently became President of Mount Mary University. I continue to work with Creighton students on projects in high energy nuclear physics at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island and at CERN just outside Geneva, Switzerland. We have two sons and three grandchildren who all live in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

Writing these reflections:

I am a person who asks questions. This often leads me down a challenging path.

Other links to me:
e-mail: mcherney@creighton.edu
web page:  https://physicsweb.creighton.edu/content/faculty-and-staff/emeritus-and-retired-faculty