Making an icon for your mobile device
for any of the Online Ministries sites

For the Greater Glory of God
For iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and
other touch screen phones with web access

These simple instructions are for use with the Safari browser on a mobile touch screen device. A similar approach can be used with any web browser on any device with a touch screen and web access.

Online Ministries Home Page IconDaily Reflections IconWeekly Guide IconOnline Retreat IconAn Evening with Fr. Greg Boyle IconThis method can be used to place an icon on your home screen for ANY of the websites on the Creighton Online Ministries home page: The Daily Reflections, the Online Retreat, the Weekly Guide, The Student Daily Reflections, the Audio Retreats, Praying Advent, Praying Lent. Simply use your first icon to take you to our site and then browse to any page on our site you wish to create into an easy access icon and follow these directions for turning it into an icon on your Home Screen.

Load the Safari Browser

Load the Safari browser and direct it to our Online Ministries home page by typing this URL into the browser's address line:

(The same would work with any other page on our site.)

On the iPhone and iPod

Touch the "Send To" icon at the bottom of the browser. It looks like this:

A window will open. Scroll down and choose the option

"Add to Home Sceen" and then touch the "ADD" button.

An Online Ministries icon will appear on your home screen.

On the iPad

The directions are similar for the iPad. After loading the Online Ministries web site in the browser, tap the icon at the TOP of the page - save icon -and choose the option "Add to Home Screen" and then the "ADD" button.

On an Android Phone

The directions are similar for the Android as well. After loading the Online Ministries web site in the browser, click on the MENU button on the bottom tray. Chose the option MORE, and select "Add Shortcut to Home."

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