Nancy Shirley
Program Chair of LEAP (RN to BSN program) in the School of Nursing.  I returned to Creighton in December 2003.  Previously I taught here at Creighton from 1980-1989 and was involved in many campus activities including ILAC and CEC House.
More about me:

I am a grateful child of God, wife, mother, nana, and nursing professor. My husband and I met at church and have walked this extraordinary journey together experiencing CEC in 2004 and growing more committed to our beliefs.  In addition to my husband, I am blessed with a wonderful daughter and son, who in turn are blessed with wonderful spouses.  My son’s four children bring us all endless joy and delight. I am on the faculty at Creighton having taught nursing here from 1980-1989 and returning “home” in 2003 to teach nursing at all levels and to administer the undergraduate program.


Writing these reflections:

As I approach closer to retirement, I appreciate more and more all the ways that I find God in my life especially through my family and garden and through music and song.  I find listening to Christian music daily in the car keeps the right message in my head.  It is, indeed, a blessing to be part of this ministry.  Writing reflections is an opportunity to ponder the readings deeply in my heart and to share those musings.  I am a recipient of God’s grace with each one I write.