"Send forth your Spirit upon us."
Our Redeemer desired to be baptized in the Jordan by
John; let us make our petition to him:
    Lord send forth your Spirit upon us.
Christ, Servant of God, the Father acknowledged you as
his own Son with whom he was pleased,
    send forth your Spirit upon us.
Christ, Chosen One of God, you did not break the
crushed reed or extinguish the wavering flame,
    have mercy on all who are seeking you in good faith.
Christ, Son of God, the Father called you to be a light to
the nations in the new covenant, 
    open the eyes of the blind by the waters of baptism.
Christ, Savior of mankind, the Father anointed you with
the Holy Spirit for the ministry of salvation,
    lead all mankind to see you and to believe in you, that
    they may have eternal life.
Christ, our hope, you lead those in darkness to the light
of salvation,
    receive our departed brothers and sisters into your kingdom.
Our Father . . .

 Intercessions, Evening Prayer, Baptism of the Lord