We Desire to Pass from Darkness into Light.

Lord God,
source of unfailing light,
by the death and resurrection of Christ
you have cast out the darkness of hatred and lies
and poured forth the light of truth and love
upon the human family.

Hear my prayer
from me your adopted child.

Enable me to pass from darkness into light
and, delivered from the prince of darkness,
to live always as a child of the light.

Lord Jesus,
at your own baptism
the heavens were opened
and you received the Holy Spirit
to empower you to proclaim the Good News to the poor
and restore sight to the blind.

Pour out the same Holy Spirit upon me,
who longs for your grace.
Guide me along the paths of faith,
safe from error, doubt, and unbelief,
so that with eyes unsealed
I may see you face to face,
for you live and reign for ever and ever.


Adapted to the first person from the
Second Scrutiny - The Fourth Sunday of Lent
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults