We Thirst for Living Water.

God of power,
you sent your Son to be our Savior.
Grant that I, who like the woman of Samaria, 
thirst for living water,
might turn to the Lord as I hear his word
and acknowledge the sins and weakness that weigh me down.

Protect me from vain reliance on self
and defend me from the power of Evil.

Free me from the spirit of deceit,
so that, admitting the wrong I have done,
I may attain purity of heart
and advance on the way to salvation.

Lord, Jesus,
you are the fountain for which I thirst,
you are the Master whom I seek.
In your presence
I dare not claim to be without sin,
for you alone are the Holy One of God.

I open my heart to you in faith,
I confess my faults
and lay bare my hidden wounds.
In your love free me from my infirmities,
heal my sickness,
quench my thirst and give me peace.

In the power of your name,
which we call upon in faith,
stand by me now and heal me.
Rule over that spirit of evil,
conquered by your rising from the dead.

Show me the way to salvation in the Holy Spirit,
that I may come to worship the Father in truth,
for you live and reign for ever and ever.


Adapted to the first person from the
First Scrutiny - The Third Sunday of Lent
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults