"Renew my Baptism."

God of Love,
in baptism, you freed me from sin
and brought me to new life through water and the Holy Spirit.

You anointed me with the chrism of salvation,
so that, united with his people
I may remain forever a member of Christ,
who is Priest, Prophet, and King.

You made me a new creation
and clothed me in Christ.
You gave me a garment to receive
and to bring unstained to the judgement seat
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
so that I may have everlasting life.

You enlightened me with the light of Christ.
May I walk always as a child of that light
and keep the flame of faith alive in my heart.

When the Lord comes, may I go out to meet him
with all the saints in your heavenly kingdom.

I ask that you renew me this day, in the graces of my baptism,
in Jesus' name.

Adapted from language of the rites after baptism from the Easter Vigil.