"Free us from the powers of darkness."

For our sake our Redeemer suffered death and was buried, and rose again.
With heartfelt love let us adore him and pray:  
Lord, have mercy on us.

Lord Jesus, when your side was pierced, 
there flowed out blood and water,
the marvelous symbol of the whole Church.
Through your death, burial and resurrection,
bring life to your bride, the Church.

Lord Jesus, you remembered those who did not remember your promise of resurrection.
Remember those without hope, who do not know that you have risen.

Lamb of God, you were offered for all as our paschal sacrifice.
Draw all people to yourself.

God of all the world, you encompass the universe but were pleased to be laid in a tomb.
Free the human race from the powers of darkness and grant it the gift of immortal glory.

Christ, Son of the living God, you opened the gates of paradise to the repentant thief.
Gather all who have shared your death and burial into the glory of the resurrection.

All-powerful and ever-living God,
your only Son went down among the dead
and rose again in glory.
In your goodness
raise up your faithful people,
buried with him in baptism,
to be one with him
in the eternal life of heaven,
where he lives and reigns with you
and the Holy Spirit, one God,
for ever and ever.

From the Intercessions of Evening Prayer of Holy Saturday.